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Commodore’s Corner – September 2017

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Commodore Chris Ross

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Mobile: +1 913 220 6634

Congratulations and Thank You to all our PYC Family!!!


This has been quite a month at the yacht club. We’ve held some amazing events that were a lot of fun to be a part of and represent all that is great about PYC.  From Solar Eclipses to club parties and racing to Commodores Cup, U20 North Americans, Big 12 Championships, the Jammin Band….we’ve done it.  None of it goes unnoticed.  Sailors from across the region have taken note, have been warmly welcomed by our members and we are getting lots of requests from them about membership at PYC.  It takes a village to get all that done and I want to thank all of you, my friends for making it happen.


Mark your calendars, there’s a lot of sailing season left with Long Distance Races, Youth Championships, Sailing Sisters and BBQ’s.  Check out the calendar below.


Storage Lot Clean up & Boat Cradles

It will soon be that time of year again when our boats get pulled and put to bed till next year.  In preparation, it’s time to clean up our storage lots and grounds. Many of you have boat parts, cradles, trailers and toys scattered throughout these areas.  Please consolidate, remove and dispose of anything not being used before club closing. At that point, what remains should have your name on it and clearly marked or it will be disposed of.


One of those items are cradles that are mostly abandoned scrap metal, have not been used or claimed in years and are harboring a growing population of rats that are causing thousands of dollars of damaged property on the dry sail lot each week.  PYC will be moving all cradles up to the top of the hill behind the trailers along the power right-of-way. We will also dispose of all cradles that are not claimed and clearly marked to be saved by their owners. Yellow construction ribbon will be available at the clubhouse.  Please attach a large yellow ribbon and paint your name on your cradle if you want to keep it.


Following cradle removal, we will work in the off season to thin out, limb up all trees and mow the entire area West of the lagoon and South of the Dry Sail Lot. This will allow for better use of that area and ability to control our growing rat problem.


Pulling Boats this Fall 

Perry Yacht Club is not a marina and is not responsible for moving your boat.  Each member is responsible for moving, dropping and pulling their own boats from the water and managing your private property on site.  PYC has a tractor and trailer extension that can accommodate some of your boats.  It is up to you to determine what is safe and appropriate for your boat and trailer.  Bob Wilson and Richard Oben have announced they will no longer be volunteering their time to pull boats this fall.  Gary Templeton, Lee Cline and Tom Flynn are all approved as official tractor drivers and have experience moving boats. PLEASE NOTE: They are under no obligation to pull your boat and it’s up to you to contact them and work something out.  Additionally if the club tractor, extension and equipment is used you must sign and initial the liability contract.


PYC has always operated under the policy that friends help friends.  You are also welcome to use your own vehicle to move your property or partner with your slip mates and contract with a private business to perform services.




Club Closing Activities

Club Closing will be Saturday, October 21.  At that time the Clubhouse, Grounds and Harbor will be winterized for the season.  Please be considerate and hold off on personal boat projects Saturday morning.  Each of you are Owners and Members of the club and hopefully have enough pride in our home that you’ll want to participate and work that morning with your friends to make PYC all it can be.


If you have anything you want to add to the project list for that day let Gary Templeton our Property Manager or Tom Flynn our Buildings and Grounds Director know.  We will start around 9am, work till 1pm, the club will then provide lunch and follow that with our Fall Membership Meeting where we will vote on next year’s slate of Board Officers and new dues schedule.  Here is the handout for those of you who did not attend Breakfast with the Board last weekend.  As always if you have questions or suggestions you have my number.

 dues proposal

The PYC ROAD will be closed Monday, Oct. 23rd; while the best road in Jefferson County gets its annual beauty treatment. We need a few more volunteers that can stay at the club the Monday after club closing to help patch and crack seal the road.  We get started early and are usually done shortly after noon.  Please contact Tom Flynn with your interest.


Have fun, be safe and get out there to enjoy the fall sailing season.  I’ll see you on the water…


Upcoming Calendar:

Keel Boat PHRF, Sept 23

Kansas High School Championship, Sept 24

Thursday Night Beer Can Race, Sept 28

Keel Boat PHRF, Sept 30

Youth Laser Open, Oct 1

PYC Executive Board meeting, Oct 5

Keel Boat PHRF make-up races, Oct 7


PYC Board of Governors meeting, Oct 12

Fall Round Perry, Oct 14

Breakfast with the Board, Oct 15

Club Closing / Membership Meeting, Oct 21

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Of course it goes without saying but the love of sailing is why many join Perry Yacht Club. Whether you're a cruiser, racer or just enjoy getting out on the water, PYC is the place to be. Maybe your sailing skills are not quite there? Don't worry, our members are more than happy to help with any questions you have. Or, sign up for one of our many sailing education courses.

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It's hard to beat the exhilerating feeling of the wind and water in your face as you push your boat and crew to the limit. PYC has many opportunities for the racer.

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Perry Yacht Club is known for social gatherings. There's always an event going on with theme parties like "Boat Crawl" to "Christmas in July" and of course kids are welcome too.

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